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The Black Angels

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The Black Angels
Apr 16, 2005 The Black Angels
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SETLIST: 01 Call To Arms 02 Untitled 03 Bloodhounds On My Trail 04 Better Off Alone 05 Empire -> The Prodigal Sun 06 Doves 07 Black Grease -> Black Grease Outro Jam -- SONG TITLE NOTES (As per Christian from the band): (1) The first song doesnt have a title. We havent played that since that Witchita show. It might be resurrected someday, but it might never see the light of day, except for on this bootleg site. You can name it whatever you would like. (2) The second song after Black Grease...
Topics: Black Angels, Psychedelic Rock, Austin TX, Drone Out, Alex Maas, Christian Bland, Nate Ryan,...
Source: SP-BMC-6 mics (AT803b) > SP-SPSB-1 battery box > Nomad JB 3